sin we brag aboutIf I told you I stole something, your opinion of me would change.

If I told you I cheated on my wife, you’d think I was a horrible person.

If I told you I’d killed someone, you would want me in jail for the rest of my life.

But if I told you I’d worked three straight weeks without a day off, you’d think I was a normal American “hustling” for the American dream. You’d think I had a great work ethic. You might even think I was successful just because I’ve been busy.

My friend Dave Adamson said recently that breaking the sabbath is the only commandment we brag about disobeying.

And he’s right.

For some reason, we’ve forgotten how to rest.

We’ve forgotten how to have unhurried time with friends and family.

We’ve bought into a myth that “hustling” means working all the time and at all costs.

And the worst part?

We do this in the name of providing for ourselves and our families.

There’s a commercial for Hyundai right now that resonates with me. Here’s what it says:

Busy. It’s worn like a badge. Coming in early. Staying really late. When did leaving work on time become an act of courage?

I’m all for working hard. We have a Biblical mandate to do just that. But we also have a Biblical mandate to rest. As men, when God tells us to provide for our families, he doesn’t mean that we only provide financially. We must also provide emotionally, physically, and with our time.

We have a Biblical mandate to work hard. But we also have a Biblical mandate to rest. Share on X

Growing up, I played every sport possible. Baseball. Basketball. Football. Soccer. Roller hockey. I took karate. I was in the marching band. I was in the worship band at church. I was even on the mime team! (That’s a true, albeit embarrassing, story.)

I did everything I possibly could’ve and my parents were great for giving me the opportunity to do all them.

But you know what I remember the most?

Sitting outside around a table talking for hours.

Eating meals together and my dad getting mad at me talking about poop.

Sitting on the couch watching bad CBS procedurals together.

When I look back, none of the things that made our lives so busy sticks out.

Our unhurried time together does.

When busyness takes over, our friendships get strained. Our marriages get splintered. And our relationship with Jesus gets put on the back burner.

Do you know why taking a day off is written right next to ‘don’t commit murder’?

Because when you don’t take time off, you end up killing your own soul. Or you end up killing your marriage. Or your family.

Being known as the busy guy who hustles and is successful isn’t worth it when you realize what you’re doing it at the expense of.

God made you to be a lot more than busy.

It’s your choice to step into it.

Say your prayers and take your vitamins.

Have a nice day.


God made you to be a lot more than busy. Share on X