i have watched a few movies over the last couple of days. on the flights to and from long island we watched a movie. today while sitting around the house, i watched a movie or two on tv. watching these movies inspired the tweet i sent out a few hours ago:

i wish what happened in the movies actually happened in real life. that would be awesome. well, except for the end of the world stuff.

that’s what i’ve thought while watching these movies.

in the movies, you see the lead actor make a clever remark that’s funny at the perfect time. in real life, i try to make a witty remark and it comes out awkward and i get a courtesy chuckle.

in the movies, you see the main character have a couple of close friends who are always there, who randomly show up in the right places, and who know everything about the main guy. in real life, i get home from work or school and generally don’t see anyone else until the next morning when i go back to work or school.

in the movies, after a breakup, the main guy always comes across a girl who changes his world and makes everything better. in real life, break ups take a long time to get over and the girl that makes everything better doesn’t show up the next week.

in the movies, when the guy goes on a date, he says all the right things, is the coolest guy in the world, and everything works out right. in real life, the first date is really weird while you’re feeling each other out. you don’t wanna do too much and come on too strong but you wanna let her know you’re interested. the movie guy always gets that blend right. in real life, it rarely often comes off just right.

i had a theme i was going to go with as i wrote the rest of this post. however, when i got to this spot right here, i saw the little blue thing on my computer that told me someone responded to my tweet. i looked over in tweetie and saw this response:

i think we all wished it worked out like it did in the movies. it does in the end. life is just longer than 2 hrs.

i was going to talk about how cool it would be for the movie stuff to happen and all of that. i was going to say things about how i wish i was as witty as the main character in the funny movies. instead, i’m changing that.

i agree with that tweet.

eventually i’ll have the witty comment that comes at the perfect time and makes everyone laugh.

eventually i’ll meet that girl that makes everything seem better.

eventually i’ll have those two or three close friends who randomly pop up and know everything.

eventually i’ll go on that first date where everything is perfect and i get that awkward blend just right.

eventually, my life will look like a movie.

but for right now, that movie’s still being written. that movie is still looking for the right actors. it’s still looking for the extras to fill in certain parts. it’s still looking for the female lead.

i guess a good movie just takes time to get ready.

and i don’t really mind waiting.

say your prayers and take your vitamins.

have a nice day.