Yesterday a friend of mine posted a link to a website that analyzes your Facebook data and spits out a ton of data about it. As a stat geek, along with a social media geek, I clicked on it and ran my Facebook posting through it. Here’s the small graphic of what it spit out:

Almost half of my posts on Facebook (which include my tweets) are about social media or Christianity. If I would’ve run this four years ago, sports, music, and education would’ve been at the top of the list. Those things all consumed my life. Christianity wasn’t that important to me during that time.

What you talk about on social media really says a lot about what you care about in life.

I used to get annoyed at people who tweeted Bible verses or talked about God. Granted, I still get annoyed when people do that to an extreme, but for the most part, I’ve realized that you tweet about what’s important in your life. As my relationship with Jesus has grown, so have the amount of posts I’ve made about him.

There were a few other things that stuck out about my posts on there. The data showed my posts were:

40% less about my day than average (to me, that’s great. Those posts are annoying.)
25% happier than average (I like being happy. Being depressed isn’t fun.)
80% more excited than average (I get excited easily. I’ve got a lot to get excited about.)
90% more humorous than average (apparently I’m funny?)
98% more loving than average

That last part really stuck out to me. Social media can be used in a way that rips people apart. It’s easy to say something through a computer screen or a phone screen that you’d never say in front of someone. At the same time, you can really use social media in a way that builds people up, encourages them, and is a positive use of the medium.

How are you using social media?

Do you just talk about the mundane everyday stuff or do you use it in a way that causes people to want to do something positive?

Are you encouraging or do you use it to complain?

Find out for yourself by going to

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Say your prayers and take your vitamins.

Have a nice day.