i’ve been pretty bored tonight. when i say that i’ve been bored, i mean i randomly went to the search page on twitter to see what was going on in lynchburg from people i’d never met.

throughout my boredom and twitterstalking (is that a word) i ran across quite a few people who had blogs. of course they had blogs. everyone has a blog. anyway, on a few of these was this thing called “no shame november.” i’d heard of no shave november but not no shame november.

no shame november sounded like it could be fun. i like to admit random things about myself and honestly it feels pretty good. combine that with an urge to write tonight and you’ve got what this post is about. some will be serious. some will be funny. all of them will be me.

i’m not ashamed to say that i’d listen to n’sync any time it is on around me. i even did the bye bye bye dance at football games because i’m that awesome.

i’m not ashamed to say that i spend more time on the internet than any one person should.

i’m not ashamed to say that not knowing where i’m going to be in six months sometimes scares the crap out of me.

i’m not ashamed to admit that i don’t have it all together even though i try to act like it when i’m around other people.

i’m not ashamed that i struggle with things on an every day basis and that i lose in those battles quite a bit.

i’m also not ashamed to say that i know i can’t get through those struggles on my own and have to rely on someone much bigger than me.

i’m not ashamed to admit that i once wore soffee’s to a friends house because i thought it’d be funny.

i’m also not ashamed to link to that picture.

i’m not ashamed that it took me an embarrassingly long time to get over my last relationship.

i’m not ashamed to tell everyone that i write cheesy emo song lyrics in my head whenever things happen only to forget them five minutes later.

i’m not ashamed of the fact that i get lonely at times.

i’m not ashamed to admit that i sometimes spend more time finding the song lyric to make the title of these posts than i do actually writing them.

i’m not ashamed to say that i do have regrets in my life. i’ve learned from every single thing that i’ve ever done, but i do regret some of those things.

i’m not ashamed to admit that even as a dude, i’ve thought of my future wedding, future kids, and all of those girly things guys never say they think about.

i’m definitely not ashamed to admit that i am the worst in-car singer on the planet but still sing like i should get a grammy when i’m in the car alone.

i’m not ashamed to say that there is nothing to eat or drink in my house. or that i’m out of toilet paper. or that i need a new sheet for my bed because this one is ripped right down the middle. (ok, that was mainly just for me so that i can remember to buy all of that if i get a chance to go to the store tomorrow.)

and lastly, i’m not ashamed to say that i completely love this blog. i know that there aren’t that many people that read it (i average anywhere from 30-60ish people per post). i know that sometimes it just becomes me whining about something going on in my life. i know that sometimes the posts are boring and don’t mean anything. with that being said, having a place where i can put my thoughts down is great. even more than that, having a place that i can do that and have it affect people is so amazing that i can’t even describe it. i normally just write for the sake of writing but some of the feedback i’ve gotten from you guys has made this more than worth it. thank you for reading. thank you for the feedback. and thank you for being awesome.

say your prayers and take your vitamins.

have a nice day.