top-5-of-2014-feature-788x394It’s Friday. We’re two days into this whole 2015 thing. You’re still confused and writing 2014 on anything that requires a date. If you’re at work, you likely have no desire to do actual work. If you’re at home, you’re probably pretty bored and semi-ready to go back to work.

Since I’m such a giver, and also a very big proponent of procrastination, I put together two lists for your reading pleasure. The first is the top five posts of 2014 on This Isn’t High School according to views. The second is my top five favorite posts of 2014 that didn’t make the top five most read posts. You now have ten posts you can read to kill time and enjoy.

Top Five Posts of 2014

1) What a gay son’s journey reminded me about holiness

2) The biggest risk I’ve ever taken and three ways you can help

3) The most righteous F-bomb ever dropped

4) The story of how Robin Williams reminded me depression is a jerk

5) We are all designed to change the world

Top Five Favorite Posts

1) On Southern Christianity; or why country music needs to stop singing about going to church

2) What the All About That Bass chick reminded me about dating, relationships, and sex

3) An open letter to anyone who’s ever seen a raunchy picture on the internet

4) A letter to the baby in my wife’s belly

5) What to do when church becomes Pinterest in person

Thank you all for the best year ever on This Isn’t High School. I’m looking forward to 2015 being better than the past six years combined.

Say your prayers and take your vitamins.

Have a nice day.