i had one of the coolest moments in the history of having this blog last thursday night. our spring football practice started that night. i decided to head to the stadium to check some of it out just because i wanted a football fix. i swung through our football building to say hey to someone and then came out of the doors that led directly to the field. as i was walking around the field to get to the stands, one of the players stopped me and told me he’d read this and enjoyed it. we talked for a minute or two about it and what he liked. he said the biggest thing he liked was that i was real and talked about some of the stuff that no one else talks about.

i was completely blown away.

later that night after i had gotten home from the practice i got a message on facebook chat. it was another guy i knew that i had no clue read this thing telling me he had read it and liked it. he said that the topic i had written about that night really hit home with him and that it was something that he needed to hear.

i was completely blown away again.

two guys that i never would’ve expected to read this told me that they did and they got something out of it in the same night.

i started this blog a year ago last night with a few reposts of facebook notes. the idea was that it would give me a chance to write about whatever was going on. it would be a way to vent. at the time, i was still trying to get over my ex and i thought a lot of what would be written would be written about that.

over the past year, this blog has taken on a completely different personality.

this thing has turned into something where i can be completely real and honest to anyone on the internet. i’ve been able to air my dirty laundry and in doing so, help others that are going through the same types of things. i never would’ve imagined i would’ve talked about the things that i’ve talked about when i first started this.

there have been times the past eight months where i’ve been really frustrated that i’m still in school and not in a church and all of that. it took me a long time to realize that this could be my form of “ministry” or whatever you want to call it while i’m still at liberty. i’m glad that i finally did though.

with all of that out of the way, i want to get to the main point of this post:

thank you.

thank all of you for reading. thank you for taking five or ten minutes (i know some of you read slow – i’m looking at you kennesaw) to read the things that i write. it’s so incredibly awesome finding out who the different people are that read this thing.

if any of the things i write on here strike a nerve with you, whether it’s something you’re struggling with or it’s something that you needed to read, please feel free to be like that friend and send me a message letting me know. i’d love to talk you through whatever it is or help in any way that i can.

you guys are all awesome and i appreciate every single one of you, even the ones who stumble on here searching for song lyrics on google.

say your prayers and take your vitamins.

have a nice day.