20140805-225215-82335724.jpgMy friend Garrett just released his first album. It’s a great album and if you get the chance, you should check it out. On the album, he has a song called, “What Do You See?” where he repeats a simple question in the hook:

What do you see when you see me? Is it me or the ghost of him?

I don’t know who or what Garrett was writing about when he wrote that line, but I know exactly how it spoke to me.

When I look in the mirror, I see the 17-year-old version of me. I see the kid who wasn’t good enough for the baseball team. Or the kid who couldn’t figure out where to go to college. Or maybe the one who was only motivated to do just enough to get by.

If I don’t see the 17-year-old me, I see the 21-year-old version that isn’t much better. He was the kid who was running from God with every fiber in him. On top of that, he had just gotten dumped and was an emotionally depressed mess. And he had a horrible haircut.

When I look in the mirror, I see who I used to be. I don’t see the seminary graduate. I don’t see the husband or the homeowner or even the adult. Instead, I see the kid I used to be.

I see the ghost of me.

You may be like me. You may feel totally inadequate most of the day. You may look in the mirror and see every past failure, mistake, and bad decision.

But the good news is you aren’t that person anymore.

You made it through the puberty and bad haircuts.

And now you are the you you are today.

Ghosts are ghosts because they are dead. The old you is a ghost. It’s time to move forward in who you are today. The ghosts have had enough of your life.

It’s time to stop playing with Casper.

Say your prayers and take your vitamins.

Have a nice day.