so it was christmas on friday. jesus’ birthday. the day the savior of the world was born. the day that god became man. the time that we’re all reminded of how lucky we are that jesus decided to come to earth and die for our sins so that we wouldn’t have to go to hell.

then saturday morning came and we forgot all about that.

chances are, some of you that are reading this have already taken down your christmas tree. if not, you’re planning on taking it down this weekend. you’ve packed up the little baby jesus in whatever type of box you keep him in until next thanksgiving when you’ll break him out again. the manger scene is back in the bubble wrap.

christmas is over.

and with it, our bi-annual reminder that “hey, jesus is awesome” is over. we’ll go about our lives for the next three and a half months until april rolls around and we’re reminded that not only did jesus come to live here, but he also died too.

yeah, we might have a few “yay god” moments between now and easter, but let’s be honest, are we going to be as mindful of what jesus did any time over the next three months as we were last week?

i say “we” through all of this because i’m just as guilty at times. i pray. i read my bible (not as much as i should). i talk about jesus. i even go to school to learn more about jesus and to help tell more people about jesus.

but for some reason, that just becomes routine.

for some reason, that becomes normal.

and for some reason, that even becomes somewhat stale.

for ten months out of the year we take for granted what it is that jesus did. we appreciate it. we even thank him for it constantly, but only around christmas and easter do we really sit back and think of the enormity of it.

the thing is, i don’t really have a solution to this problem. i wish i could say, “hey, in 2010, let’s commit to doing this, this, and this and it will help us not forget about what jesus did for us.” unfortunately, there’s no three-step method to this. it’s something that we simply have to do.

so hey, how about instead of a three step plan, we just “commit” to simply trying, because really, that’s all we can do.

let’s try to keep growing.

let’s try to keep what jesus did in our thoughts.

let’s try to simply keep trying.

because no one wants to pack away jesus with the manger scene.

say your prayers and take your vitamins.

have a nice day.