A story to make you smile; or why I’m not winning husband of the year

Nicole had a meeting at 7AM on the morning of Wednesday, September 24. This meant she had to wake up around 6AM to get ready for work. I generally wake up with her but, seeing as this was at the butt crack of dawn, I turned over and went back to sleep when she got out of bed. A few minutes later – Nicole says five; I wouldn’t know because I was asleep – I heard Nicole say, “Hey. Hey!” to wake me up. I turned over in the dark room and she was holding her phone with the flashlight shining on something. “Hey. Look at this.” Being half asleep and completely groggy, I had no clue what she was holding. I asked what it was and she just told me to look at it. I still couldn’t see it so I asked her again what it was.
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