An open letter to anyone who’s ever seen a raunchy picture on the internet

Dear People of the Internet, I write to you today because of an increasing epidemic on social media. Let me first explain the situation: Yesterday I was sitting at the vet scrolling through Facebook as I waited on the vet to come in the room. There in my newsfeed, I saw a picture. It was two pretty girls in their 20s standing together. They were a little dolled up but nothing too fancy. By all accounts, it was a nice picture. I continued scrolling and saw a picture from the same pretty 20-something. This picture was much different than the first. This one was a selfie with her Upper Lady Parts (ULP) almost fully exposed and pushed up to her chin. Same girl in both pictures. The normal picture had 10 likes. The ULP picture had 56. They were posted within minutes of each other.
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