i like trends. okay, i don’t really like the tights and boots thing that all the white girls are doing. or the fauxhawk (i spike my hair completely, don’t you dare lump me in with those guys). or the really low v-neck shirts on guys.

i should probably rephrase my first sentence.

i like following trends. i like finding out what’s going on and why it’s going on. i like to watch what’s popular now and try to figure out what’s going to be popular next. over the past year or so i’ve noticed a trend in the church. it is a trend that interests me immensely because it has a direct impact on me. i had sort of put this trend on the back burner until friday when it was mentioned on stuff christians like. then it all came back.

the student pastor always marries a girl that is so far out of his league that it shouldn’t be fair. he’s normally a little goofy looking, probably a little weird, and likely not all there yet he ends up with a girl that could be mistaken for a model, has it all together, and is pretty much perfect.

i don’t know how it happens, but it does.

i’d like to think that there was a letter from paul written to the church that was never found. it talked about how god looked at the student pastor and held him in high regard. he knew the work involved with students, and knew the types of things involved with it, so to “bless” the student pastor, he made a covenant with him that said that he would bring to the student pastor a smoking hot mate so that at the end of the day, he could go home and realize that “it is good.” in return for somehow attempting to reach the species known as the insane middle school girl, god will send a girl who has it all together to keep the student pastor balanced.

i don’t know how it happens, but it does.

in the past, i used to hate valentine’s day because it reminded me of how i was single and how much i’d rather be dating someone. tonight, i’m sick, laying in bed trying to fight off a pretty bad cold, and watching a documentary on tupac and honestly, i’m perfectly content. i know that when the timing’s right, i’ll find that girl that is way too good looking to date me that somehow will be miraculously attracted to me.

and when i find her, i’ll think of the fake letter from paul and laugh, and then i’ll do whatever i can to sweep her off her feet and keep her.

to all of you that are married or dating someone, i hope you enjoyed your day. i hope that you realize that what you have is ridiculously special and something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

to the rest of us that are spending today single, don’t worry about it. to quote my favorite tv show, she’s on her way, and she’s getting here as fast as she can.

say your prayers and take your vitamins.

have a nice day.