So 2010 was pretty good. I was able to come through on 8.5 of my 10 goals for the year. Obviously I would’ve like to have been able to get all ten but I’ll definitely take getting 85% of them.

Now it’s time to look at my goals for 2011. I really sat down and thought these out (see, cashing in on Goal 10 from last year). I kept texting Nicole saying, “Only four more to come up with…” and then “three more…” until she was probably annoyed with me.

Okay, no more stalling, onto the list.

My 11 Goals for 2011

Goal 1 – Get engaged: Oh man, look at me coming out of the corner swinging. Yep, I said it. I would like to get engaged in 2011. And I’d also like for it to be to Nicole. Just thought I’d make sure that was clear. I’ve got my ideas on when and where I want to do it but all of that will all depend on when I get the money. Guys sort of get screwed in that we have to save a ton of money to buy a really nice ring but hey, I’ll try not to complain too much. This is probably the one goal that I would be really, really upset if it didn’t happen.

Goal 2 – Help lead someone to Christ: First off, I mean this in a one-on-one setting and not from me teaching on a Wednesday night. Yes, I realize this can sound very egotistical. That’s not my point. Nothing I do will ever get someone “saved” but I’d love for God to use me in a conversation (or a series of conversations) with someone in a way that ends up with them accepting Jesus. I haven’t personally been involved with that since 8th grade. The feeling that comes with that is one that is so energizing and so awesome that you can’t help but feel on top of the world.

Goal 3 – Go on a foreign mission trip: I had to ask Nicole if it was still an acceptable goal if I had already made plans to do one of the goals. She said it was so here this is. I’m supposed to be going to Guatemala with our graduating seniors in June but I still have $2000 to raise. I’ve only been out of the country once and that was to Canada so I’m not really sure that it counts. Hopefully everything works out and I’ll be able to do this.

Goal 4 – Get under 300 pounds: This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever made a health related goal, much less put that goal out to the public. I used to be embarrassed by my weight and would always say I weighed “fat.” Honestly though, I weigh somewhere between 330 and 335. I haven’t weighed lately but that’s where I’ve been consistently the past year. I’ve already taken the steps to apply for a membership at the Y and hopefully they’ll give it to me at a rate that I can afford. Quite frankly, I’m tired of making fun of myself for being fat. I’m tired of not being able to dress the way I want to. I’m tired of all of the other physical things that come from being big time overweight. I’ve spent the past five years joking about it, dealing with it, and accepting it but I’m over it now. My goal is to lose 3 pounds a month. If I can do that I can reach the under 300 pound mark. I’ve got a plan that I’m ready to put in place. It’ll just be a matter of sticking to it.

Goal 5 – Write more: I said on the relaunch of this site that my goal is to write, at the least, twice a week (Tuesday and Friday). I’d love to write even more than that. A lot of the times in the past I’ve had ideas for posts but never written them because I didn’t have time to sit and really think out a post. I hope to knock those small ideas out pretty quickly this year. Most of my posts are between 900-1000 words (or 1400 in the case of this one). I’m hoping to have my normal 900-1000 words twice a week but have a few 400-500 word posts to go along with that. I’d love to write a book one day and the only way for me to get to the level where I’m good enough to do that is to consistently write.

Goal 6 – Get to know my freshmen better: I’m the new leader in the small group that I help lead. The other two leaders have been with them for at least two years. One of them has been with them for 4-5. I’ve built a decent enough foundation that we’re starting to get to know each other, but I’d really love to take those relationships deeper in 2011. The only way that happens though is through time. Those guys are awesome so I’m more than willing to put in the time to do it.

Goal 7 – Read the entire Old Testament: I’ve said before that one of the embarrassing things about being on a church staff is that I’ve never read the entire Bible all of the way through. I’ve wanted to before but never actually sat down and did it. In September, I started a plan to read the New Testament by December 16. Unfortunately I got behind and I’m still working on finishing that up (I’m about halfway through Revelations right now, should be done by the end of the week). Now that I can say I’ve read the entire New Testament, I’d like to knock out the Old Testament over the course of this year.

Goal 8 – Become a better communicator: This one goes along with Goal 5 a little bit. I’d like to become a better writer and better speaker in 2011. Part of that comes with practice and repetition. Before I got to Two Rivers, I had only spoken in front of a large group twice. In the fall semester alone I did it four times. I’ll have another 4-5 chances in the spring semester of 2011, a few chances in the summer, and 3-5 in the fall as well. I’d like to consistently get better at it. I know that I talk too fast sometimes. I know that I mumble at times. I know that I make bad jokes occasionally. My goal is to really start to groom those things and make them better.

Goal 9 – Become a par golfer: Okay, first off, I don’t mean actual golf with clubs and everything. I mean disc golf. I’d never played much until I moved here. I started playing in July and was absolutely terrible. I’ve played a ton since and have gotten a lot better. I remember my first time playing our 9-hole course and I shot probably 12-13 over par. If I were to go back today I would probably only shoot 5-6 over. I’d love to be shooting par by the end of the year. If I keep playing consistently I think I’ll get there.

Goal 10 – Cross the Mississippi: This is another one of those things that’s already planned. Assuming everything goes right and I stay for a second year at Two Rivers, I’ll be going to Wyoming this summer for our mission trip. I’ve never been out of the eastern time zone so I’ve definitely never crossed the Mississippi. I guess going to Guatemala could count for this since it’s west but I’m not counting it.

Goal 11 – Connect with other ministry people around Knoxville: I’ve been here six months. I’ve gotten settled in at my church and my job and have met the people there. I want to start meeting other student ministry people or ministry people in general from around our city. I love keeping up with what other people are doing and what’s working with them and the best/easiest way to do that is to make friends with those “other people.” We’re better when we work together and share ideas and that’s impossible if we don’t know each other.

There it is. There’s my list of goals for 2011. Some are fun. Some are serious. Some are personal. Some are work related. No matter what, I think that if I were to reach all of these goals, I’ll be able to exit 2011 a much better person than when I entered it.

And that’s my ultimate goal.