i graduated high school five years, five months, and 23 days ago (24 if i finish writing this after midnight which is a very real possibility). a ton of stuff has happened since then. i’ve gone to three colleges. i got a college degree. i met chuck norris. i’ve driven down the highway next to a tornado. i’ve spoke at a church. twice. i could keep listing off random things, but you get the point.

things have changed since high school.

as much as they’ve changed those, it’s amazing how some of those things are still the same.

tonight i tweeted a line from one of my favorite songs of all time. the line was “boys speak in rhythm, and girls just lie.” a lot of you reading that immediately thought “do do duh do, do do duh doooo” in your head afterwards. it led to some comments on facebook and twitter about how good of a song it was and how good the album was that it was from. someone even mentioned it being one of their favorite albums of all time.

and it’s one of my favorites too.

so i started thinking of my favorite albums. blueprints for the black market. i am the movie. your favorite weapon. bleed american. take this to your grave. tell all your friends. ten years and running. cheer up. leaving through the window. beneath medicine tree.

those are what i think of when i think of my top ten favorite albums. the interesting thing about them is that they were all released between 2001 and 2003. of all the things that have changed since then, those have been a constant.

i’ve gone through relationships, both with girls and with friends, in the past five years, five months, and 23 days. i’ve gone through cars. i’ve gone through houses and apartments. i’ve gained weight and i’ve lost weight. i’ve grown up a ton and i’ve changed even more.

but the music has stayed the same.

and that is awesome.

i wrote last time about how my hometown has changed. i’ve written about how i’m changing and growing up. it’s nice to know that through all of that, with everything else changing, i can go back to music and that will always be there. if i ever need a quick reminder of who i am, all i have to do is throw on one of those albums.

i know this hasn’t been the most introspective or even most entertaining post i’ve ever written on here but it was a cool thought experiment for me. try it for yourself. what are your favorite albums of all time? what are the albums that you put on when you’ve been on the road for three hours and have listened to everything you can think of? what are the albums that you know every word to even when you haven’t heard them in months.

think of them and let me know. leave a comment and tell me.

for now though, say your prayers and take your vitamins.

have a nice day.