today has been a good day. it started off with an awesome egg and cheese sandwich then headed down to smith mountain lake for some boat action, followed by a just as good barbecue sandwich, followed by some good hang out in the lake time. it was fun.

then tonight after dinner we headed over to the new snowflex center. one of my friends just wanted to be able to say he had wakeboarded and snowboarded in the same day so a couple of us headed over there to watch him and everyone else fall down for two hours. it was fun.

it was at snowflex where i started noticing something. the second i walked up the steps to the main hill, i saw people i knew. i said hey and talked to them for a few minutes. then i saw someone else that i knew. i said hey and talked to them for a few minutes. then i saw someone else, and someone else, and this went on for the two hours or so i was up there. i kept seeing different people that i knew from something or another. i hadn’t planned on seeing them or hanging out with them. i just happened to run into them and know them.

that’s when i started thinking.

sunday at church, i went by myself like normal. however, within a few minutes there, i started seeing people i knew. i went alone but ended up having someone to sit with because i ran into someone i knew.

a couple of weeks ago, i went to the alumni thing liberty was having. i didn’t go five minutes without seeing someone i knew there. the two people i was with probably got tired of me stopping and talking to someone new but i just kept seeing people.

i’ve sat back and thought a lot about this tonight. i’ll always call king home. that’s just how it is. it will always be my home. it’s where i grew up. but maybe, just maybe, lynchburg can be something close to that.

since i got here in january 06, i always had a time to look forward to me leaving here. i knew that i’d graduate and likely go somewhere else. i still feel like eventually i’ll end up back in the winston area and that’s where god’s going to send me.

but for right now, for the forseeable future, this is where i am.

and maybe that’s for a reason.

i don’t know what that reason is. i don’t know why or how long i’m here in lynchburg. i just think that maybe instead of looking forward to when i leave this place, or looking forward to my next step, that maybe i should embrace this and try to make it as close to home as possible.

sometimes a change in heart is what’s needed much more than a change in scenery.

and i think that sometimes is now.

say your prayers and take your vitamins.

have a nice day.