This week is spring break for all of our students. We’ve cancelled FUEL because so many are out of town and because No School = No FUEL. On Friday, my boss sent an e-mail to us saying that no “productivity” would happy in the high school ministry this week and that our priority is to hang out with students the entire week.

That is why I love my job.

Around 3:00 yesterday I got a call from one of our senior guy small group leaders saying his guys were going out to his lake house and asked if I wanted to go. Obviously I said yes. There was a lot of stuff that went on, including some really cool discussion, but we did some crazy fun things too.

Here’s a video of one of the things we did. One of our students always wears a jacket with a ton of pockets and always has them completely filled, along with the pockets in his pants. We wanted to find out once and for all what was in those pockets, and this is the video that answered that:


This next video is one of guys being guys. The water was about 50 degrees and so they naturally decided they needed to jump off the dock. Check it out:


(Sorry for the low quality. Didn’t realize saving it as an mp4 would make it look that bad.)

Anyways, this week looks to be a really fun one, and I get to go home at the end of it which is really exciting. I hope to share some fun stuff with you throughout the week but if there aren’t that many updates, it’s because our students wore me out.

Have a great week.