I always get writer’s block on Monday’s. I don’t know if that’s because Monday is my “creative” day at work and my brain is tired of thinking up new things by Monday night or if it’s because of some other reason. Whatever the reason, it never ceases to happen. I’m often left scrambling to find something to write about if I don’t write my Tuesday blog post over the weekend.

As I went through the day on Monday I looked for any little thing that could give me inspiration for a post and everywhere I turned there was absolutely nothing. Finally, after working all day and trying to manufacture something, I gave up and said, “Something from Crossroad will make me want to write. It always does. I’ll just wait and write it after I go there.”

At least I can say I was write.

But not in the way I thought that I would be.

I was expecting to come home and write about something that inspired me about seeing 20-somethings worship together like I did two weeks ago. I thought that maybe I would have some great revelation that I could tell you guys that would be fresh and new to you that would change the way you went about your day. (Side note: I know that would never happen but I let myself think I’m a much better writer than I truly am.) I don’t know what I was expecting exactly, but it definitely wasn’t what I got.

I can boil everything that I’m going to write in the next couple of paragraphs down into five words:

I suck. Jesus is awesome.

Breaking news, huh?

I could go into detail about what was said and what was taught but Greg Pinkner is much better at that than I am and you can listen to his teaching here.

I’ve been in church my entire life. However, it wasn’t until about two years ago that I really, really started wanting to learn more and more about the Bible. I’ve heard all of the stories and all of the “basic” verses for as long as I can remember. I’ve wanted to learn what they really meant and go more in-depth to learn as much as I can.

Last night I heard the story of the cross in a way that I’d never heard before.

Last night I was reminded of how big of a deal it was for Jesus to get murdered for me.

Last night I realized again just how freaking lucky I am that he did that.

Hearing that reminder was something that I needed very much so. I don’t want to say that the whole Jesus thing gets stale sometimes, but a lot of the time we get into routines and we forget the magnitude of what Jesus really did.

I don’t have much to say today. I just wanted to remind you of what exactly Jesus did for you. I wanted you to remember how big of a deal it was.

Do yourself a favor and take 30 minutes from listening to iTunes or Pandora and click that link from a few paragraphs ago and listen to the teaching from last night. It will rock your world and wake you up from whatever funk you may be in.

I suck. Jesus is awesome.

And that’s all you need to know.