I haven’t written anything on here in a while. That’s my bad on that. Just haven’t had too much I wanted to write about.

Anyways, just to have a little bit of fun, I wanted to post this. I’ve had a thing going the past few weeks at church where I’ve had to sit behind an overly affectionate couple during service. A friend of mine said these people must be attracted to me. I said they’re not attracted to me, we just go to Brentwood and there are a ton of them there.

And that sparked an idea. Without further ado:

The Top 10 Ways You Know You Go To Brentwood Church

1) You’ve ever been given free McDonald’s to leave church.
2) You refuse to wash your car before going out on Saturday night because you know how dirty it’ll get on Sunday morning.
3) You have a Freedom 4/24 sticker on your car.
4) Along with your computer, water bottle, bookbag, frying pan, cell phone, and tooth brush.
5) There is always one overly affectionate couple around you during service.
6) You’ve ever looked in the mirror and wondered if you’re v-neck shirt was cut too low…and you’re a guy.
7) You listen to Steve Fee on your way to church and then hear two songs from that album during worship.
8) You’ve ever worn the same dress you wore out with your friends on a Friday night to church on Sunday morning.
9) You’ve described the church as “You know, the one with the rock concert for praise and worship.”
10) You feel like you know ever funny or embarrassing thing to ever happen to Jon Dupin.

If you’ve got more, feel free to add them. These are the ten I came up with driving home from church today.