i got my haircut today, and it gave me something to write about.

wait, what? do we have to read about your frickin hair cut?

uh, no. i went to high school with the girl that cuts my hair here in lynchburg (who, by the way, is absolutely amazing). i’ve known her since seventh grade. we were in the wind ensemble in band together (told ya i’m a nerd). anyways, after i got my hair cut i sat and talked with her for probably a good 30-45 minutes just about stuff from home. we talked about people we knew and what they were doing, about how we both missed the dairi-o and mi pueblo, and all kinds of stuff. i spent twice as much time talking to her about king as i did getting my hair cut. and quite frankly, i loved every second of it.

on july 1, 2005, i left king and didn’t look back.

that’s the day i moved out to go to coastal. i was so glad to get out of king. the longest i’ve spent there since that day was about five weeks and that was christmas break this last year. for the longest time, if i spent more than two days there i wanted to stab my eyes out with a spork. lately though it’s gotten a lot better and i even look forward to going home.

that small tobacco town will always be home.

i always joke with people that north carolina is the greatest state on the planet and that i’ll fight you if you disagree. in actuality, that’s a lie. north carolina is the greatest state ever, but i’m too much of a pansy to fight anyone. any chance i get, i talk north carolina with people. tonight at dinner i was talking about ghost town in maggie valley with a friend of mine. my ringtone on my phone is raise up by petey pablo simply because it says, “north carolina, come on and raise up.” yeah, it’s corny and cheesy, but it’s who i am.

the more i get into this whole ministry thing and the closer i get to graduation, the more i want to go home. i don’t mean king necessarily, but north carolina. i’d love to be back in the winston area but i’m not picky. for some reason or another, i have a passion for what i consider to be home. i never thought i’d even consider going back to king or to that area. when i was 18 i wanted to only come back on holidays and to see my family. now i’m actively exploring opportunities to get back.

god sends some people to samaria, judea, and all ends of the earth. i think he’s sending me to my jerusalem, and that’s the greatest state in the world.

with all that being said, i’m still in lynchburg for now. the whole job situation for this fall is starting to pan out great. god’s awesome in the weirdest ways sometimes. god’s got me here for a reason. i don’t know what it is but all i can do is live my life the way i’m supposed to, take advantage of the opportunities i have, and in the end i’ll figure it out eventually.

being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up. these are the best days of our lives.

say your prayers and take your vitamins.

have a nice day.