Series: Make War

Attendance: 181

Mixer/Game: Rebecca Black “Friday” based mixer questions

Extra fun things: We opened with a live version of Rebecca Black’s song “Friday.” The real song currently has over 67 million views on YouTube and is probably one of the worst videos ever written. We rocked it up a little bit and played it with the entire band. I’ll put the video of our worship leader and one of our students practicing the song at the bottom of this post. I hope to have the video of the live performance on here sometime tomorrow.

Worship Set: Salvation Is Here (Hillsong United), Your Love Never Fails (Jesus Culture), Lord I Need You (Chris Tomlin)

Bumper Video: JP’s story of making war that I posted on here yesterday

Topic: Make War Part 2

Scripture: Romans 6:1, Hebrews 10:26-31, I John 4:9-11, Romans 6:20-21, Hebrews 12:1-2

Thoughts: I could hardly control my excitement going into FUEL because I knew we’d be doing the live version of the Rebecca Black song. That made me super excited. On top of that, Eddie, the guy that I co-lead a small group with and love to hear teach, had sent me his talk a few days ago and I knew that it would be a good one. A cool creative element and a great talk is enough to get me excited for FUEL.

Throughout the day, things were going too easily. I got things done early. I was set up. Everything seemed to fall together perfectly. I even got a little bit bored at one point. That’s something that never happens on a Wednesday. I should’ve known that it meant something weird would happen.

And I would’ve been right.

About two hours before FUEL started, I went to test our mics and realized that somehow our teaching my had broken. Literally, the mic part was broken off of the rest of the mic. Uh… that ain’t good. I called our tech guy and luckily we had another wireless system that wasn’t being used and we got everything set up pretty easily. Still was something that could’ve been a big time problem though.

Overall the night went very well. Eddie was on point as usual. He had some really funny stories and, as always, taught the Bible in a way that was crazy and interesting. The guy knows more about history and the Bible than most of us ever will combined and it comes out in his talks. I’ve never heard a guy make the Bible come alive like Eddie does.

We start our last series of the year next week. It’s crazy to think that we’ve almost made it through the entire school year. We’ve got five series under our belt and one more to go.


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