Series: Make War

Attendance: 176

Mixer/Game: Where’d You Go On Spring Break mixer/What’s In Aaron’s Pockets video

Extra fun things: We played the video we filmed at the lake house with the seniors asking, “What’s in Aaron’s pockets?” Yesterday was his birthday and we wanted to celebrate him a little bit. It was definitely a fun thing to do.

Chris also told everyone that him and his wife were having a new baby. That was definitely fun to see the reactions.

Worship Set: Happy Day (Fee), Our God Is Love (Hillsong), Our God (Chris Tomlin), The One Who Saves (Hillsong), Lord I Need You (Chris Tomlin)

Bumper Video: Part of the Make War music video by Tedashii

Topic: Make War Part 1 (for my family members: click that link to listen to it)

Scripture: Ephesians 53: 7-9; Romans 8:12-13; Matthew 5:29-30; Phillippians 8:13, Luke 22:40, 1 Corinthians 10:13

Thoughts: I was super, super excited for this series. This one was my idea and Chris allowed me to completely run with it and carve it out the way that I wanted. The fact that he trusted me enough to do that, even with just a two week series, was super awesome and made me feel really good.

As I started preparing for my talk on Monday, I started to feel really excited. I wasn’t that excited about the last time that I taught because I wasn’t that comfortable with the topic. The topic of this series is one that’s right up my alley. I feel right at home and comfortable teaching whenever I’m teaching the Gospel.

Before I got to Two Rivers, I had only taught to a large group (aka preached) twice. Last night was just my eighth time ever “preaching.” I’m still searching for my “voice” and the way the God has built me to teach. As I prepared and studied for this message, I really felt like I was starting to tap into that “voice.” As I was teaching I was comfortable enough to move around, engage students, and I wasn’t nervous. It’s really cool to begin unveiling the way that God has created me.

With that being said, one of my favorite parts of the entire night was during our worship set. I generally stay in the tech booth and oversee our lights, our sound, and what’s on our screens. Our tech guys are starting to get really good so I was able to stand in the middle of our students during our worship set and just sing and worship God.

Seeing our students worship is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. It’s just great. Last night’s worship was the best worship setting I have been a part of over the past month.

Normally I have a lot to say about FUEL. I have a lot of thoughts about last night but I’m still on a high even at 11:50 as I write this. I’ll probably come up with tons of things to put here later but right now I can’t.

Oh, yeah, I also got to sing part of a song by Biggie. Yeah, I sang gangsta rap in church. That was awesome.