Series: Best Sex Ever

Attendance: 164

Mixer/Game: Favorite TV Shows/Super Bowl Commercials

Extra fun things: We have some ridiculously talented people among our crowd. Last night, we showed them off. We went completely student led in the band and we brought in one of our former leaders to speak. Basically, me, Chris, and Brantley got to plan the night and then hang out with kids.

We also raised $426 for Freedom 4/24. We’re up over $650 with two weeks to go in our challenge to the students.

Worship Set: Your Love Never Fails (Jesus Culture),The One Who Saves (Hillsong), Hosanna (Hillsong), Give Me Faith (Elevation Worship)

Bumper Video: This Is A Library

Topic: That Kinda Girl: What It Means To Be A Godly Woman

Scripture: Matthew 22:37; 2 Corinthians 11:3; Ephesians 5:25-26; Luke 10:38-42; Matthew 5:6; Luke 2:42

Thoughts: We have had FUEL 20 times since I’ve been here and last night was easily in my top three, maybe even my top two. We were missing some kids due to playoff basketball at two of our high schools but we had a ton of first timers and the kids that were there were super excited. It was a great night overall and there’s one crazy thing that sticks out more than anything to me:

None of our staff had anything to do with it.

We didn’t plan this as an “off” night for us or anything like that. It just worked out that when we planned out the worship set and the teaching none of our staff people were leading either of those. We made the decision in December to go completely student led one night a month during worship. We also had a topic last night that me or Chris couldn’t teach. We needed a female to do it so we called up one of our former leaders who is a great teacher and asked her to teach.

Last night all we did was set up an environment to where students could meet with God and then we let other people and God do the rest.

And it was awesome.

On one hand, our students who led worship killed it. They sounded great. Because our worship leader was still there and not leading, we were able to EQ the entire soundboard and get the mix sounding the best it ever has. Then, on top of that, our students were just simply on and everything was clicking. To add to that even more, our guys running the computer and the lights had great nights and made everything look great to go along with sounding great. It was one of those nights where the band and the production teams had a perfect night. There wasn’t one single mess up.

To top the entire thing off, the message that was taught fit completely with what we’ve been doing with this series. When you let a volunteer leader teach, you sometimes don’t know exactly where they’re going to go with the topic. Last night was completely obvious that the message Jenna taught was straight from God.

On the other hand, since me, Chris, and Brantley were freed from some of our normal responsibilities, we were able to hang out with kids more than we normally are. I was able to play a round of disc golf with a couple of my freshman, eat dinner with another, and sit and talk with two more. On a normal night there are so many things going on that I’m not able to do all of that.

Lastly, and this may be my favorite part of all, I loved giving other people the opportunity to succeed and then watching God work through them and allow them to succeed more than I could ever imagine. That is awesome. It’s one thing to succeed yourself. It’s a completely different and better thing to help others succeed.

At the end of the night our students walked out having had a chance to be part of an incredible worship experience and hear a great message that was straight from God. It doesn’t matter that I had nothing to do with it. All that matters is that it happened.