Four ways to chase your calling without getting fired from your day job

dont get firedOn Tuesday, I published a post talking about why you should be living for more than your day job. It’s my belief that while some of us are meant to chase a crazy dream and do it full time, most of us have a diverse set of gifts that could never be put into one sole job description.

You’re a video guy who loves playing music and investing in others.

You’re a mom with a marketing degree who enjoys baking for others.

You’re a student majoring in business but also have a passion for people around the world.

Whatever it is, your calling – the unique wiring that only you have – can’t fit into a normal day job.

While it’s important to chase after all the things God has called you to do, it’s even more important to do it the right way. You can’t neglect your day job in pursuit of your dreams.

Well, unless you don’t enjoy eating, having a place to live, and semi-affordable health insurance.

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