i decided i wanted to write something new earlier today. i just had that itch. so after that decision was made, i started thinking about what to write about. a lot of stuff is going on right now and there’s a lot of different things i could write on. some things were negative. some were positive. some were pretty neutral. in the end, i finally settled on one thing:

i have an awesome life.

for those that are wondering – yes, i’m bragging.

of all the stuff that i thought to write about, it all came back to that. some things at work with football right now aren’t going good. i don’t know when i’m starting in georgia yet and haven’t heard any of the details about that. school next fall is being all weird. people around me are acting really shady and i don’t like it. however, with all that being said, with all of that crap going on, i still can’t complain.

last night we had our senior appreciation dinner for football. i got my ring which i’d been waiting for since last year. (side note: closer pictures of the ring here and here. no, that’s not mine, but mine looks the same.) it was a good time.

today we had our first thing with the lunatics in a while. we helped out at the new bookstore grand opening and then tailgated for the spring game. i forgot how much i missed some of that stuff and how much fun it was. after that was the spring game. in the first half i sat in the stands and for the second half i sat on top of the press box with danny to get a different view. it was a good time.

i came home, showered, then left right again. we had a double header for baseball. i got there and hung out on the new deck behind home plate with some friends. we were grilling for all of that too. i got to heckle for the first time in a while and i must say, i had some funny lines. it was a good time.

during the second game we didn’t have as big of a crowd on the deck so it was more of a relaxed atmosphere. we mainly sat back and talked while watching the game. the weather was amazing and we won. it was a good time.

ok, jonathan, we get it – you’ve had a few good days. what is your point?

my point is we get so caught up in all of the crap that goes on in our lives that we never take a step back to be thankful for all of the good stuff. we complain at the drop of a hat when things go bad but even when things are going great we never stop to think that, you know, maybe life doesn’t suck so much after all. sure, we all have bad times in life. that’s a given but don’t get dragged into the concept of always complaining about what crap is going on.

earlier when i said that i was bragging, some people reading this probably thought i was an arrogant jerk (which, by the way, i can be at times). i wrote that line intentionally thinking about writing this paragraph down here. my point in writing that line wasn’t to say, “hey, look at me. my life is better than yours.” my point in writing it was to show that sometimes it’s needed to brag about the good things. you’re allowed to do that. i even encourage it.

don’t complain about what you don’t have. be thankful for what you do have.

don’t complain about what’s going wrong. be thankful for what’s going right.

don’t think of the hot pocket as an instant trip to the bathroom (…diarea pockets…). think of it as a good way to lose a few pounds.

say your prayers and take your vitamins.

have a nice day.