Last night after our first session I laid in bed in my room with six students. We weren’t all in the same bed but you get the idea. (Yes, I had to make that joke.) We had all of the lights out and were all doing our quiet time in our own ways. We had already done our Bible reading and now were spending time with God with absolutely no distractions.

As I was laying there praying, I prayed for every guy in the room. Then I prayed for Nicole. Then, after all of that, I started praying for myself. Whatever popped in my head, I prayed for. At one point I had the desire to ask God for one moment this weekend where I could just get lost in him during the worship times. I’m running the computer and slides with lyrics so I knew it would be hard, but I asked anyway.

God decided to answer pretty quickly.

This morning as we were setting up, I noticed there was a ton of light coming through the second floor windows. These were windows that had no blinds or shades on them. This light was shining straight onto the screen where the lyrics were. The light made it to where you could barely see the lyrics so my responsibility during worship decreased tremendously.

We played the first song and it was good. I was able to sing and start clearing my mind so that I could focus completely on God. The second song was one of my favorite worship songs called Sound of Your Voice. The band that we bring in for our fall camp Andrew & Hannah” are the ones who wrote it. The chorus of the song is simple. It says:

At the sound of your voice mountains move, nations rise. Hosanna to the King.

I get into this song on a normal day while driving down the highway with this song playing in my car speakers. I usually repeat it at least once and sing it as loud as I can. This morning, when we got to the chorus, I felt God inside of me telling me to look out the window. Just outside of that window were mountains.

So there I was, standing and looking at a mountain chain singing, “At the sound of your voice mountains move.”

And I got chills.

I almost got a little emotional too.

It’s one thing to sing lyrics and know what they mean. It’s a completely different experience to sing lyrics and see what they mean. God didn’t physically move the mountains that I was looking at during the song but I could feel him saying to me, “Yeah, you know, I could move them if I wanted to. Right now. I’m that big. I’m that powerful.”

God. Our God. My God. He’s big enough to move a freaking mountain chain. He’s big enough to do that but yet I don’t let him move me a lot of the time? I don’t trust him to move the obstacles I come across in my life? Who am I to think that I can handle my life better than the God that can move mountains can?

I know that God wants me to give more of my life to him. I sit here thinking that I’ve given him my life already. I’ve given him my career. I’ve given him my friendships. I’ve moved four hours from my girlfriend and five hours from all of my friends to do what he wants me to do. What more is there to give him?

There are my thoughts.

There are my desires.

There’s my entire relationship with him.

I’ve given God a lot of things but I haven’t given him everything completely. I still have bindings on my relationship with him. I only let our relationship get to where I want it to be.

Maybe I’m scared of what a relationship without those binders looks like.

Maybe I’m scared that a relationship like that will lead to places that I’m scared to go to.

Maybe I’m scared that a relationship like that will lead to hard things. Moving mountains can’t be an easy process. Maybe I’m scared of the work that will come with that.

Whatever the case may be, I know that the God who moves mountains wants more from me. He wants to know me better and wants me to know him better.

I’ve got to think that he wants that from all of those. What would our lives look like if we all got to know him better? What would our city, our schools, or our country look like if we all got to know the God that can move mountains as deep as he wants to know us?

I’ve got to think that if we all did that we could change the world.

I. Want. To. Change. The. World.

This is the only way that I know how to. It starts with a personal decision from all of us individually. Once we may the decision on our own we can join together and move a mountain.

At 11:19 on Saturday morning, I’m making that personal decision.

Will you?