This weekend we (we being the high school ministry from Two Rivers) are at a retreat we call AWAKE. It’s a small retreat with only 50 people total between students and leaders. It’s not like most retreats or camps where we program everything and try to have a bunch of fun and engaging things and tell our kids to invite as many of their friends as possible. This retreat is meant to be a time between our students and God.

After each on of our sessions we have what we call “monk” time. This is where everyone takes a vow of silence for an hour or so. During this time we go and read our Bible, pray, journal, and just get with God. The place that we’re staying is absolutely gorgeous and on the side of a mountain. Right now, I’m sitting on a second floor balcony and I can see for miles. There’s a valley just past where we are with mountains on the other side.

This weekend, some of my journaling is going to be for me only. However, there are some things that I know I’m going to want to share with others. As I write these, I’ll turn them into posts for TIHS and post one a day throughout next week. My hope is that God can speak to you through what I write like he’s speaking to me right now. I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll have some things to put on here starting Monday.