A story to make you smileNicole had a meeting at 7AM on the morning of Wednesday, September 24. This meant she had to wake up around 6AM to get ready for work. I generally wake up with her but, seeing as this was at the butt crack of dawn, I turned over and went back to sleep when she got out of bed.

A few minutes later – Nicole says five; I wouldn’t know because I was asleep – I heard Nicole say, “Hey. Hey!” to wake me up. I turned over in the dark room and she was holding her phone with the flashlight shining on something.

“Hey. Look at this.”

Being half asleep and completely groggy, I had no clue what she was holding. I asked what it was and she just told me to look at it. I still couldn’t see it so I asked her again what it was.

“There’s a plus sign.”

Still being half asleep and only mostly groggy at this point, I had no clue what was in her hand. I asked a third time and she said two words that would forever change our lives:

“I’m pregnant.”

This is the moment where I should’ve gotten excited. I should’ve hopped out of bed, given Nicole a gigantic hug, and told her how much I loved her. I should’ve jumped up, wrapped my arms around her, and showed her how happy those two words made me.

Instead, in a completely monotone voice, I said, “Oh that’s awesome. Congratulations.” Then I gave her a high five, rolled over, and went back to sleep.

Husband of the year right there.

After the high five, Nicole walked back in the bathroom and continued getting ready for work. A few minutes later – Nicole says ten; I wouldn’t know because I was asleep – I woke up. That’s when I realized what she had told me.

I jumped out of bed, stood in the doorway to the bathroom with a cheesy, surprised grin on my face.

“Wait. We’re pregnant?!”

I hope that story made you smile reading it as much as it made me smile telling it. There’s no moral to today’s post. No big challenge at the end. Today is just about making you smile and giving you a boost to help you finish out the week.

This post will likely be my last one for 2014. I’m going to take the next two weeks to work on CaroneDesigns and update some back end technical things on this blog. I’ll be back in 2015 ready to share more of what I’m learning as I grow up.

Say your prayers and take your vitamins.

Have a great Christmas!