One of the perks (and occasionally downsides) of being an intern at Two Rivers Church is that I get free housing. I live in a house on the church property. This past fall, as part of an Eagle Scout service project, the Boy Scouts put in a 6-hole disc golf course around our property. It’s a very, very easy course but it’s convenient and has helped me get a lot better.

Needless to say, I play it a lot.

The other day I had some free time and it was nice out, so I thought I would play a round. I grabbed my discs and walked out my back door to the first tee. I threw my first shot and it wasn’t that pretty but it took a nice bounce and roll and I was in position to shoot for birdie (which I made). Then I played the next hole. When I was about to tee off on the third hole, I looked over and saw this kid playing up on our beach volleyball court. This isn’t that unusual because kids from the neighborhood around us come over and play all of the time. It was a little unusual because he was by himself and it was sort of chilly outside.

I decided not to think much of it and kept playing. The next hole went right next to the volleyball court where the kid was playing. Truth be told, I was afraid I was going to hit him on my drive because where he was sitting is where mine goes when I mess up. Anyway, I threw my drive and it was a good drive. As I was walking to get it, the kid looked down at me and just said a simple, “Hey.”

“Hey, how are you?”


That’s it. The kid didn’t keep talking and I thought it’d be creepy if I stood there initiating a conversation with a six year old. I finished the hole and kept playing and finished my round. After finishing I decided I didn’t feel like going back inside so I was going to play a few more holes.

I went back to hole #1 and threw my driver. It was a terrible drive and bounced off the roof of our student ministry building. As I went to get the disc to shoot my second shot, the kid stood up from playing in the sand and watched me. I barely missed the birdie shot. While watching me putt, the kid looked at me and said:

“Do you know how to make it go straight.”

“Well, I do, but I’m not very good at it.”

“Oh. I don’t know how to. I’ve never thrown a frisbee.”

I don’t want to say that broke my heart because that just feels weird to say, but it hit me a certain way. I tossed him my putter and told him to throw it to me. He threw it and it landed about halfway between us. I gave him a pointer and let him throw it again. That time it almost made it to me. I decided to give him one more try. On that try, he got it too me. I told him good job and he turned to go back to playing and I turned to walk to the next hole.

As I was turning, a little voice inside of me started talking to me. It said, “Hey. You know that red disc you have in your bag? You don’t ever use it. Give it to that kid.”

Without thinking, or even realizing what I was doing, I reached into my bag and grabbed that disc. I yelled to the kid and told him he could have it and tossed it his way. His face lit up real bright and he smiled and said thank you.

After that I decided I didn’t need to play anymore that day. I walked back up the house and just felt content. I didn’t think I was some great person or anything, but I knew I had done something good and something that I felt like God was telling me to do.

Now, I don’t know who that kid was. I don’t know his name or where he lives. I don’t know if he goes to our church or if he even goes to church. All I know is he didn’t have a frisbee and I felt God telling me to give him one of mine and I did.

My question to you is this: What is God telling you to do for someone else? Is he telling you to give something away to someone you don’t know? Is he telling you to just call or e-mail that friend you haven’t talked to in a while? Is he telling you to buy something for someone who needs it more than you?

I don’t know what God is telling you to do. All I know is what he told me to do and the feeling that came from simply obeying God in a small, practical way. I know what it felt like to see the smile on that kid’s face.

This weekend and next week, step back and think about what it is God’s telling you to do. Then, without even realizing you’re doing it or stopping to question it, just do it.

Imagine what we could do if we all just stopped, listened, and obeyed.

Maybe we could change the world.