What a post about a gay son’s journey and holiness taught me about the internet

IMG_2347.GIFOn Sunday night, I was laying in bed debating whether or not I wanted to write a post about the guy who spoke in church that morning. I’d gone back and forth all day on what to write, when to write, and if I should write. Since I couldn’t sleep, I figured I might as well try. After all, maybe it’d wear me out and I could sleep after.

I opened Evernote, started typing on my phone, and posted the blog.

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On Ray Rice and Marriage

bal-ray-rice-marries-janay-palmer-amid-assault-001I got married on April 28, 2012; or less than two and a half years ago. I’m by no means an expert on marriage, but it’s something I hold in high regard. For as long as I remember, even back to high school, marriage was something I looked forward to. I watched my parents and their marriage. I watched my grandparents. I watched my friends’ parents. I even watched TV marriages.

If it was about marriage, I wanted to know about it.

Within a couple months of dating Nicole, we started talking about marriage. We knew we weren’t ready for it, but we both had an end goal of marriage. We didn’t put pressure on our relationship to force things, but we also didn’t want to avoid the topic. It was something we valued so it became something we talked about. Continue reading

The story of why you’re more creative than you realize

dove-real-beauty-sketches-2One of the things that fascinates me more than anything is the difference in how people view themselves versus how other people view them. The Dove Real Beauty sketches captivated me because they showed tangible examples of how most of us see ourselves in much more of a negative light than others do. In case you can’t click the link or haven’t seen the sketches, the idea behind them is a former FBI sketch artist asked women (that he couldn’t see) to describe different features of their face. He asked about their chins, their cheeks, their hair. Then, after sketching their description, he would ask someone else to describe the first person. At the end of the video, he showed the original person both sketches. The reactions were all the same.

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The story of how Robin Williams reminded me depression is a jerk

20140811-235910-86350106.jpgWhen I read the first tweet that said Robin Williams had died, I let out and audible, “Noooo.” Nicole was in the middle of telling me about her day and I had to interrupt her because my mind had shifted to Googling everything to find out if it was true. 

I clicked on the first article that popped up and quickly realized what I feared was true: he didn’t die of natural causes.  Continue reading

The story of why I’m rebelling against my generation

20140810-235210-85930077.jpgI love my generation. Really, I do.

There’s so much potential we are just now tapping into. We created Facebook, file sharing, and the Shake Weight. We revolutionized where a video camera can go with the Go Pro. We are more connected than anyone ever. And we have a heart for social justice unlike past generations.

If there is a generation that is going to change the world, for good or for bad, it’s going to be us.

With that said, there’s one thing about us that bugs me. It’s infiltrated the entire generation. It plagues us and holds us back from ever reaching our full potential:
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The story of why it’s okay to not be okay

MV5BMzIxOTQyODU1OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDQ4Mjg4Nw@@._V1_SX640_SY720_If you ever get the chance to watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower at 3AM on a cross country redeye flight: don’t.

Let me explain.

About a month ago I had the opportunity to go to California with our church leadership to study and learn from another church. It was an amazing trip and we really did learn a lot. With that said, it completely fried our brains. We asked so many questions and heard so many new things that by the time we got to dinner on the third night, we were walking zombies giggling at stupid jokes. After spending our final day relaxing and visiting some famous landmarks, we made our way to the airport for our flight home.

Our flight left at 10:30PM California Time.

10:30PM California time is also known as 1:30AM Tennessee time.

I had been asleep by 9:30 California time every night of the trip.

I can’t sleep on planes.

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